iCare: Because we do.

Some of you who had your eyes checked may have experienced an 'air-puff' test to check your eye pressure. You may have had an okay experience or you may have a bad one.

What commonly new patients say to us is our puff is more gentle. This is because we use the best and the latest Keeler Pulsair with intelliPuff technology, which is smarter and is able perform more repeatable readings. We also have the gold standard Goldmann tonometer to measure eye pressure as we are one of very fer specialist centers with Glaucoma experience and we receive referral from Glaucoma Specialists for initial examinations.

Now, we have another alternative in our Emsworth practice. The iCare tonometer was developed in Finland with rebound technology. Many scientific publications found good correlation with the gold standard Goldmann tonometer.

iCare does not require anaesthetic and no puff! We have been using it for a week now and patients love it!