MOSCOT now in Storrington!


The MOSCOT brand is imbued with history – both New York City’s and our own. Our authentic, downtown New York City heritage and five generations of Moscots behind the counter is inextricably linked to the brand’s personality, and is present in everything we do. It simply cannot be replicated by other brands. And we don’t rest on our laurels…MOSCOT is “living history” as the Company continues marking new milestones.


The MOSCOT brand and our eyewear are CLASSICONIC — that is both classic and iconic. Our frames are sexy, sophisticated, and fun, with clean lines and timeless designs that transcend fashion fads and trends.


The MOSCOT brand is witty and playful, with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that shows we love our brand, love what we do, but never take ourselves too seriously. No matter how big we may grow, we remain self-effacing, humble, grounded, and accessible. Our shops, our external communication, our employees, and our partners (you) should all reflect this ethos. 

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