Not Waste Anymore

Daily disposable lenses have been a marvelous invention to contact lens wearers. This can be regular users who want the most hygienic option or intermittent users who only wear for social events. We appreciate that this option has produced more waste to the planet, especially the dreading plastic waste.

We at Martin Steels are always conscious of what we are doing to our environment. Hence, we have partnered with Johnson & Johnson and Terracycle to provide complimentary CONTACT LENS PACKAGING RECYCLING SERVICE. We accept the foils, plastic containers and the contact lenses themselves. This can be any brand. Please see picture on the left. They will be processed into materials which can be incorporated into production of other products. The cardboard box should be recycled in normal household recycling bin. We welcome patients of ours or simply members of the public to send us their contact lens waste!

Please also check out Final Straw Solent for all the great work they have done to remove and recycle plastic waste around Chichester Harbour area.

All of our practices welcome you to leave us your contact lens waste!