A Gift of Sight for Christmas

In a blink of an eye, Christmas is back again. Like every year, you think long and hard on what to buy for your loved ones. Up to a point, how many material belongings do you actually need? Have you been collecting unwanted gifts or just bought something just because you have to?

For this Christmas (and for years ahead), why not give your loved one A Gift of Sight. An eye examination is not invasive and is perfectly painless. We pride ourselves by having modern hospital-grade equipment, such as Optomap and OCT. We are also known for providing a thorough examination in a calm comfortable environment for 35 years so that we can detect and manage ocular illnesses. Most commonly, we provide up-to-date correction for your vision to give you the best and clearest potential vision to see your day to day things, such as reading and driving! See here for more on what we do.

An eye examination costs significantly less than your average Christmas presents. An eye examination fee is only one third of what hair cuts typically cost over the course of a year! This will be more if you have hair colour or highlight! A good pair of spectacles probably cost about the same as your car annual service. We have a wealth of experience in sourcing high grade optical lenses based on your prescription to be glazed into our hand-selected ready-to-wear or if you wish, tailored ophthalmic frame. Bear in mind, you're treating your eyes, something you use the moment you wake up. N.B. Now the police is looking out for drivers with poor sight!


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