Check out our Multi-Pair Offer!

It is common to own more than one pair of shoes. You can have a pair for work, a pair for the weekend or even several pairs for that special occasion. They can all serve a specific purpose or you simply want a different look to suit your mood for the day.

However, most people tend to have only ONE pair of spectacles. Do your spectacles look good with your outfit now? Will they still look good with another outfit for a different event?

Even if you're not concerned about the appearance, have you considered the practicality? Do you even have a spare? What happens if you break or lose them?

Because of this, we are introducing our Multi-Pair offer. Having a second pair of spectacles is more accessible than ever before. Whether it’s to suit your mood or outfit or just to have a spare pair. We still use the amazing qualify lens as we usually do.

Come in as ask us about our Multi-Pair offer now!