Optomap® is the way forward and we're here!

Get the BIG picture!

Retinal photography is so old school. This technology has been around for decades, started with film then digital but the principles are the same. It is good but with limitations compared to current technology.

Optos® Daytona Plus is now here in our Emsworth practice. It creates an Optomap®, an ultra-widefield scan/image of your retina. It uses lasers to scan through your undilated pupil in a unique way. Hence we are now able to see your peripheral retina much better! It gives us up to 200° view instead of 45° view in standard retinal photography.

Above is a direct comparison between Optomap® technology and standard retinal photography. They are non-edited images of the size-matched same eye of an actual patient in real clinical setting (not a model).

We believe this is the future of eye care. With Optos® Daytona Plus, we have raised the bar yet again. We are ahead of the game and are different to other optometrists because we care and we like our patients to have the best standard of care.

For further information and FAQs, Optos® website is great. You can access it here.

Currently, we can view almost the whole of your retina with Optos® Daytona Plus and your central retina in high magnification, high resolution and in 3D with our Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology. Teaming up with our specialist optometrists, it is a perfect marriage for the best eye care, all for you.

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