"We source individual eyewear for an individual like you"

Are you fed up with the same old same old? Buying specs that either don't suit you or look like everyone else? We bring our eyewear collections from all around the world for the most unique and individual designs. All of that for you, our patients.


Designer brands are fine but they are widely available and not unique. Moreover, they're often mass produced by the same manufacturer and the quality is not that great. We have eyewear speciality brands such as Silhouette, Face à Face, Salt and prodesign which produce in-house eyewear. That means we get amazing service from these companies, no such thing as 'paying for a label' and obvious branding. This way we can ensure high quality and best-in-class aftercare service.

You are a unique individual and care for your eyes. We understand you have individual needs and it can be a daunting task to choose your eyewear. With our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of qualified Dispensing Opticians, our aim is to simplify the selection process by helping you to choose a frame that suits your needs, complements your facial features and becomes a possession you can be proud of. This also gives you a chance to express yourself as the individual that you are.


We are also passionate about recommended lens technologies which are suitable and relevant to you and your lifestyle.


If you would like to use our dispensing services, we would recommend you to have a full eye examination with one of our experienced Optometrists so that the prescribing and dispensing are a smooth transitional process to a perfect outcome. This will ensure you also experience our high quality eye care.