The term Essential Eye Care from our professional bodies has evolved since lockdown begins. As of the time of this being written, the term essential care means:

1. If you need a new pair of spectacles because they no longer serving your needs, e.g. poor vision, broken etc.

2. If you think or know that your eye sight has altered.

3. If you have symptoms which may indicate you are developing ocular pathologies or problems.

4. If you have a pre-existing condition which is under our care and you have concern it may have worsened.

5. If you are running low on your contact lens supply AND think you require an altered prescription due to new symptoms.

    Note: We are able to postpone contact lens check ups to a degree of professional discretion based on guidance from General Optical Council.

We appreciate your patience and respect to our Administrative Staff as they may ask your more details on certain questions. We need to do this in order to satisfy Essential Eye Care criteria so that we are compliant with guidance from our professional bodies. If required, our Optometrists may need to consult you over the phone to decide whether your request comes under the term Essential Eye Care.

In accordance to guidance from our professional bodies such as the General Optical Council and College of Optometrists, we encourage routine eye check ups for patients who has no concerns or symptoms to delay their check ups until they have any concerns, symptoms or problems. We do want to highlight that we are here to help you. If you feel there is a need to see us, please call us. We will advise accordingly.

If you have a scheduled appointment, we also need you to inform us by telephone prior to attendance if you have symptoms related to COVID-19 such as elevated temperature, new persistent cough, flu-like symptoms and altered sense of taste and smell. In such situation, we will perform a telephone triage and re-evaluate the urgency of your visit and offer you appropriate advice.

Seer Hor 6th June 2020


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