Acute Ophthalmic Services

If you have an eye problem which develops suddenly, you will want to have it checked sooner than later. Symptoms such as flashing lights, sudden onset of floaters, acute pain, and sudden loss of vision which can be potentially serious. We can provide a consultation which includes diagnosis and management. We can treat various eye problems but certain problems need to be referred to an ophthalmologist. Seer Hor,and Keri Davies  our specialist optometrists, are qualified to prescribe Prescription-only Medicine to treat eye problems without requiring referral. Otherwise, all of our optometrists are qualified to form preliminary diagnosis and further management plans. With our unique relationship with local Consultants onward referrals can be made very quickly when deemed necessary

We also frequently see patients with foreign bodies in the eye. We are able to provide a Foreign Body Removal procedure safely and promptly by one of our dedicated specialist optometrists.