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At Martin Steels, we see every customer as an individual with their own eye care needs. This is why we strongly believe in taking the time to get to know our clients so that we can provide the service that suits them best. It’s due to this focus that we have a strong base of loyal customers who come back to us time after time.

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As an independent opticians, we offer a wide range of eye care products and services including:

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New Blepharitis Clinic

If you suffer from Blepharitis, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be when you get a flare up.

Luckily there is now a new treatment system available - BlephExTM. With this system it is now possible to give the edges of the eye lids a really good clean, removing the build up of debris and bacteria that causes Bleparitis. This safe and simple procedure has provided relief from Bleparitus for many sufferers.

For more information, please look at out Blepharitis Clinic page.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation!

Yes, we’re at it again! Two years ago Martin Steels Ltd moved their Emsworth Branch from 16, The High Street  to  4, The Old Flour Mill Queen Street and found a beautiful new home for themselves in brand new spacious accommodation. Now we’re doing it again!

This time we are relocating our Storrington Branch across the Square from number 11 to number 5. On the face of it this doesn’t sound very adventurous, but the move to brand new premises will give us more space, a stunning new shop-fit and room to house a new OCT machine (just like Emsworth). This will enable us to provide this amazing technology to our patients in Storrington.

OCT - a new dimension in eye examination capability.

Since its inception in Emsworth, OCT allows us to provide a whole new level of service for our patients.

It not only allows us to obtain a digital image of the retina, but it also enables us to see what’s happening beneath the retina and optic nerve head as well. This means it is possible to pick up eye conditions earlier than ever before and refine our referrals to speed up treatment where problems are detected. It also allows us to compare results between successive scans and thus detect subtle changes which could otherwise have been missed.

We are proud that our OCT facilities allow us to provide our patients with the highest standards of eyecare available anywhere.

Our OCT service is accessible to all of our patients and an appointment can be booked separately to an eye exam or as a pre-screen before the eye exam itself. There is a private charge for this service.

Please telephone the individual branch for further details of our OCT service.

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